Why You All Men Love The Effectiveness Of The Panasonic ES-la93-k-arc4

When you are shopping for an electric shaver, you certainly want to lay your hands on the best model available and nothing lesser. Ideally, this can be a hard experience particularly because of the myriad of options to choose from. Settling for a phony model is not impossibility, but you want to buy an all-time elusive shaver like the Panasonic ES-la93-k-arc4. Most prominent features of this model include a 3-blade Ultra-Thin foil system incorporating 30 degree Nano-blades. These provide an efficient shaving experience. It also has also have a 13,000 CPM Linear Motor Drive with a very flexible pivotal head with stainless-steel foil and blade, a 5-stage LCD read-out, a Sonic Vibration Cleaning code, and a lock button. The Panasonic ES-la93-k-arc4 shaver is also 100 percent waterproof and comes loaded with an AC Adapter and a Travel pouch.

Perhaps the multiple features are what will lure you to making a purchase of the Panasonic ES-la93-k-arc4 but their ease of use will place into your hands a shaving experience that is second to none. Firstly, the fact that the shaver’s head can pivot in all direction following the contours of the user’s face for a quick, smooth and effortless shave. The Nanotech blades are made of stainless steel and hypoallergenic they cut hair at the base with precision. Additionally, the 13,000 cycles per minute deliver one of the fastest shaving experiences among the current electric shavers. The incorporated slit foil catches any long beards that can be a difficult to shave using conventional blades to the desired shortness. The automatic cleaning and the unconventional charging system are another thing to make you go for Panasonic ES-la93-k-arc4. Perhaps the wet/dry shaving modes that you can alter are what will be the dealmaker for you.




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